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Emma im Sukhasana


My name is Emma Heller

I am a yoga teacher, astrological consultant, psychotherapy student and have my Masters in Physics. I love to travel, learn, develop myself and above all connect with people.

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I am 25 years old, a psychotherapy student, yoga teacher, astrological consultant and I have my M.Sc. in Physics. 


As you can probably see from this list, I have a wide range of interests and have always been looking for answers to the big questions “Why?”, “Where from?”, “Where to?”. 

That's why I've been studying physics for the last six years, looking for a “rational”, scientific answer to these questions. 

My spiritual practice has always accompanied me in everyday life. I have been doing yoga and meditating for many years. I've already had a few ashram stays in India and in general my spirituality and my firm belief that we are all somehow connected to each other and to nature and the universe have been and still are the greatest support in my life.


In the last two years in particular, I have questioned my previous professional career and have come to the conclusion that I should finally allow myself to do the things that were previously only reserved for my free time, but which actually define me, as my profession.

That's why I did a yoga teacher training in Sri Lanka this year and started training as an astrological consultant 1.5 years ago. I am also starting my studies in psychotherapy this semester. 


I'm still far from finding all the answers to the many questions that plague my mind, but I now know that first and foremost I'm interested in connecting with people. I finally want to share what has carried me through my life for so long.


I am so happy to welcome you here!

Emma im Sukhasana mit gefalteten Händen

way of life

2014 - 2020

BSc Physics at the University of Regensburg and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver



My first long stay at Amritapuri Ashram in Kerala, India

2020 - 2022

MSc Physics at the University of Regensburg


since 2020

Training as an astrological consultant in psychological astrology with Felicitas Dej (



Yoga teacher training in Synergy Yoga at Lanka Yoga in Sri Lanka (200 hours)


since 2022

Psychotherapy studies at the University of Regensburg

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