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Which horoscope reading is the right one for me?

naemmaste is growing, and I am very happy to present to you my new projects today! In addition to the previous birth chart sessions, you can now also book yearly horoscopes or so-called "astroquickies" with me. So in this blog post I want to introduce you to all services in a bit more detail and help you find the right option for you.

P.s. read until the very end. A small present is waiting for you.

Here are a few questions for you:

1. Do you have experience with astrology, or have you ever had a birth chart reading?

  • No? Then a birth chart reading is the right thing for you. If you haven't really dealt with your horoscope yet, it is important to cover the “basics” first. In order to look at certain areas of your life in more detail, we first need to get an overview of your horoscope and thus of you as a person as a whole. In your birth chart reading, we also briefly address all the significant topics and if there is enough time, we can also answer specific questions.

If your interest is aroused, you are welcome to write to me, if you have

questions or book an appointment directly here.

  • Yes? You have already received a birth chart reading and are pretty well-informed about your horoscope in general? Then read on and answer the next question.

2. Do you want to learn more about what's currently happening with the stars and planets and how you can best use this for your own personal development?

  • Yes? Then maybe a yearly horoscope is the right thing for you. Here I look at your solar. Your solar reflects the important astrological themes of your current or upcoming year of life. In addition, I also address essential transits and the effects on your very personal birth chart. If you have specific questions, about a current situation, we can explore those as well. Yearly horoscope sessions are especially suitable for the period shortly before or after your birthday, but are basically always useful and possible.

  • No? You don't just want to shed light on a current situation, but have general questions about a particular area of life, then read on.

3. Is there an area in your life where you don't really know what to do, or where you long for more orientation? Or have you already had a birth chart reading and still have unanswered questions about a specific constellation in your horoscope etc.?

  • Yes? Then maybe an “astroquickie” is just the right thing for you. I see this really only as a deepening/expansion of your birth chart, because 45 minutes are much too short to really dive deep into your entire horoscope. With my “astroquickies” I want to offer you the possibility to shed more light on a topic area or to look at a specific question without having to book a second “complete” 90-minute session. If you are interested, you can book directly here:

It's best to write me right away when booking, what exactly it should be about, so that I can prepare for it specifically.

  • No? Then you either already know everything about astrology and about yourself, or you are still skeptical or have more questions. In this case, you are always welcome to write to me or follow me on Instagram at @naemmaste, where I also share more about astrology and my work in regular posts.

As a small launch gift, you get a 20 % discount on all services on my website with the code “happynewyear” matching the astrological New Year. The code is valid until the 3rd of April, and it can also be applied to my yoga classes and my bundles, including 10 yoga lessons. Treat yourself and celebrate my launch with me. I look forward to seeing you!

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