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I don't believe that astrology predicts your life in detail. I believe that astrology is an incredibly valuable tool to meet yourself and find out all your potential strengths and weaknesses.


Your radix horoscope is your very own treasure map of your personality, with all the already discovered and perhaps still undiscovered potentials that only you can bring into this life.

As a physicist, my background is in science, and while there's no empirical evidence that astrology works, I'm at least as convinced of it as I am of all the physical theories I learned about in college. I, myself, have learned more about myself and all aspects of my personality with every planetary position and every aspect of my birth chart. I use astrology specifically as a tool to uncover certain behavioral patterns, to use my abilities in the best possible way, and to make dynamics clear to me in encounters with other people.  

Astrologische Beratung mit Emma
Astrologe - Berechnung des aufsteigenden Sternzeichens

Find yourself in your horoscope

I am firmly convinced that you already have the answers to all questions within you and that astrology can serve as a guide to finding them as quickly as possible. I am only an intermediary and with my knowledge of astrology I can help you to read and understand your birth chart. 

Birthchart readings are also available in English!

  • 45 minütiges Reading zu einem bestimmten Thema

    80 euros
  • 90 minütiges Geburtshoroskop Reading

    150 euros
  • 60 minütiges Jahreshoroskop Reading

    120 euros
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