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My yoga style

First of all I want to emphasize here that my yoga should be there for EVERYONE. 

you are right here

And it doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced, old or young, athletic or not, spiritual or unspiritual you are.

The yoga I teach...
is accessible to everyone, safe and should simply feel good. Synergy Yoga is about tensing less, stretching less passively, breathing naturally, and moving actively from the core. Elements of physiotherapy, dance and qigong combine with the well-known yoga asanas to create a feel-good flow.

In my yoga classes I want to provide a safe space for you to connect with yourself and your body, for more grounding, stability and joy in everyday life.

My yoga courses should be your very personal break, your gift to yourself.

Online Yoga Krieger2
Kobrapose Yoga

You are right here. 
Your mat is already waiting for you.

My online yoga offer is tailored to you. Book your place flexibly and spontaneously on a weekly basis or gift yourself a package of 10 sessions if you long for structure and security.

  • 60 Minuten Online Entspannungs-Yoga für 10 €


    1 Std.

  • 60 Minuten Online Feel Good Yoga für 10 €


    1 Std.

  • 10x 60 Minuten Online Feel Good Yoga für nur 80 €


    1 Std.

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