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New moon in Aquarius on 21/01/23 at 21:53 CET ♒️✨

Let's go!

After weeks or sometimes months of retrogression, all planets are moving forward again from Monday. And the new moon in Aquarius heralds this phase. It invites us to use all the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the last few weeks and to take the first step. We can make decisions and take action again.

Aquarius is about liberation, authenticity, networking and finding your community. Here we can find a lot of inspiration and get real energy boosts. But only if we follow our very own, authentic path. The last few weeks have prepared you for this, and now you can follow all the impulses and flashes of inspiration and start 🚀

Here are a few questions for reflection if you want to take a moment or maybe even do a little ritual:

✨ What do I want to start with now? Which topic has been on my mind over the last few weeks, and what are the first steps of implementation?

✨ What are my very personal ideals and priorities?

✨ What feels authentic to me, and in which areas of life can I free myself from outside expectations? What is really me?

✨ Where can I be a little braver and crazier? What inspires me, and how can I express that?

✨ How can I invite more ease, freedom, and independence into my life?

✨ Where do I experience a sense of community? Where do I really feel like I belong and like I'm allowed to be 100% me?

Of course, new moons are always a great chance to manifest and think about affirmations 🌝

For me personally, for example, the new moon falls in the 6th house, i.e., the house of everyday work and health. With this in mind, I quit my job today to devote myself even more to naemmaste.

So there will be new offers here soon and hopefully the first new and full moon circles, too. Stay tuned…

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