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The birth of naemmaste (Part 1)

Hello you lovely soul.

First of all, I wanted to tell you how glad I am that you have found your way to me, to my heart-project naemmaste.

I myself can't really believe that it's time now, and I can share all of this with you. But I'm incredibly happy and excited. It feels like a part of me that has been dormant in a cave inside me for a long time is slowly coming out into the open.

Although I have always been a very self-reflective person and have tried to get to the bottom of things, like everyone else I have my blind spots. Topics like spirituality, yoga, astrology, and psychology have played such a central role in my life, in my identity, for many years, and yet I somehow didn't recognize them as fully valid. I hid behind my physics studies and justified these areas of my life by saying that I'm still “reasonable” as a physicist.

Only in the last two years have I realized how much more value I give my intellect and that I give my emotional, empathetic, sensitive parts far too little space and appreciation.

Since these are parts and skills that are unfortunately not yet viewed in our society in the same way as a degree in physics, a certain grade in the certificate or a number on the payslip, it took courage to free myself from these thought patterns. It probably just took the complete chaos of the last few years to free me from them. Because all the supposed security I had built up somehow suddenly lost meaning.

And once I realized that, I couldn't “undo” this realization. Suddenly, my studies felt completely pointless and empty. Suddenly there was this desire for more. This deep need to finally give my real talents the space they deserve and to connect with people.

Two years ago I thought I would do a doctorate in physics after my master's, go abroad and do research. And now I'm here.

The first step towards naemmaste was a birth chart session I had with my teacher Felicitas in 2020. I had dealt with astrology before, but never really deeply or extensively. I knew my zodiac sign, my rising, and my moon, but nothing else really.

And then I sat there and in 90 minutes Felicitas explained to me all the secrets, the apparent contradictions and confusions of my personality.

The session was two weeks after my five-year relationship ended, two weeks after a global pandemic hit, and at a time when I was feeling extremely distracted and lost.

I felt like the pieces of a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and after the session I felt like a beautiful picture, each puzzle piece in the right place. My emotionality and sensitivity were suddenly no longer a weakness in my otherwise strong appearance, but a wonderful addition to my action and drive, and at the same time a source of so much more potential. All apparent contradictions came together to form the multifaceted person that I am.

I pondered this session for seven months, started reading astrology books and listening to podcasts. I wanted to absorb all the knowledge, felt more motivated than I had in a long time.

Matching the Scorpio New Moon, I couldn't stand it any longer and asked Felicitas if I could start training as an astrological consultant with her. I was dying to learn how to use this incredible tool and be able to give to others what was given to me in my birth chart reading.

That was two years ago, and now the time has finally come, and I have accumulated enough knowledge and experience to be able to pass the gift on to you!

THANK YOU for being here!


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